Tangential tonearm Mili can be made as a left or right model. In both cases a VTA tower can be mounted (it can also be added later optionally). It is made on the basis of an extremely precise linear air bearing which operates on low air pressure. The flexible part - tonearm with bearing bush - floats on an air cushion without resistance and has no mechanical contact with the base of the tonearm. The only mechanical contact is the cable and the needle of the cartridge, which is leads into the direction of the grove. That solution enables the grove to be immune to vibrations which come through the base of the tonearm. The needle follows the record grove tangentially, in a way that the grove has been made on a master record, without tracing mistakes. Traceability of the needle in a grove is uncompromised even in the most complex music passages. Reproduction of the sound is smooth, airborne, and transparent. Timber is natural, space is excellent and stable in all directions, and so is the sound balance.

The tangential tonearm is made from massive materials. They are solidly intertwined among each other to avoid any resonance. The pipe of the tonearm is made of aluminium and is muffled from inside with different materials. Head shell, support and bearing bush are also made of aluminium. An anti resonance damping is embedded In the aluminium counterweights holder. Counterweights can be very precisely regulated by using thread on the shell. The pipe of the air bearing lead is made of stainless steel. On the upper of the pipe there are very precise boreholes which enable the air flow for the air cushion.

The base of the tangential tonearm is fitted to the gramophone with the help of the bush and the nut. The base of the tonearm in the bush can be vertically moved. With the moves VTA angle (SRA angle of needle!) can be fine-tuned. Range of adjustment is max 20 mm. For the precise fine-tuning there is a screw in the “L” shell. When using a VTA tower, it can be fine-tuned also during playing the music. With a head shell which moves on the axis and radially, the cartridge position and azimuth (vertical needle position on a grove) can be fine-tuned.

Very important part of the system is the compressor. It is made from a remote controller that enables us to switch the compressor on and off and to set (adjust) the air flow for optimal sliding of the air bearing and reservoir. The task of the reservoir is to attenuate impulses from the compressor unit. The compressor unit is designed in a way that it is soundless. That enables the unit to be in the same space with other components - in the space where you listen to the music. The compressor kit does not need maintenance with exception of changing the entrance air filter from time to time.

Tests were made by a very wide spectre of cartridges (MM and MC) from middle to high compliances, and it fits perfectly with all of them.

VTA tower is used for fine-tuning of VTA angle (SRA angle of the needle!) of cartridge cantilever. VTA tower enables fine-tuning during playing the music. It can be mounted on a right or left model of a tangential tonearm without changing the borehole. It fits into the existing head bush. With a special adjustable mount (optional) it can be used together with almost every model of tonearms.
Description of the Tangential Tonearm: